Train fare Enquiry

How can I check fare for any class?

To check train fare for any class of the Indian Railways, just type in the train number on train fare calculator page. RailTkt shows all the details for selected train number like from, to, quota, class, category and concession. To know different fare for different pair of stations, one can choose their preferred station from drop down list and get the fare. To know fare for different classes select class from drop down button under class that are their for your selected train. One can even choose category depending on passenger’s age to know how much fare is applicable for them and can select concession to know how much concession would be levied for various types of passengers.

Which class has the highest fare?

Fare for newly introduced EA class that are Anubhuti Coaches is the highest. These coaches are attached in some of the Shatabdi trains and its fare is some 1.2 times the fare for Executive Class. Fare structure by the Indian Railways is different for different trains. For premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto, railway applies dynamic fare pricing scheme where cost of ticket increases as the number of ticket sold increases. While for normal express/mail trains fare remains same and does not change with number of ticket sold. For passenger and unreserved trains, fare is bare minimum. So roughly if we categorize class fare wise it follows this order:EA>1A~EC>2A>FC>3A>CC>SL>2S

How does dynamic fare work?

Dynamic fare pricing scheme is one where fare of ticket increases as the demand increases. That means as the number of ticket sold increases, fare is increased for the tickets. This type of pricing is applicable for premium trains in India like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and Suvidha trains. Under this scheme first 10% tickets are sold at the ticket fare. But after that 10% fare is increased for next 10% of ticket sold. Soon after 20% tickets are sold, again 10% of the base fare is increased. This goes on till 50% tickets are sold, after which remaining tickets are sold at 1.5 times the base fare for 2S, SL and 2A class and 1.4 times the base fare for 3A class tickets.

How can I avail concession in train ticket fare?

There are number of concessions allowed to passengers on ticket fare. Depending on the category of passenger one is, Indian Railways waives off either some part of ticket fare or in some cases even the entire ticket cost is waived off. To check concession for any train, select the category of passenger one is and click get fare on train fare calculator page of RailTkt and it will display total payable amount after the concession.

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