Live Train running status enquiry

Getting the information about the running status of the train is very important if you must reach somewhere on time. traditionally people used to call at the station to know about the running status of trains. However, the information was never accurate that often created issues especially when the train was cancelled. Waiting on station for hours is not something you are planning to do. That is why with Rail Tkt you can get the Indian Train current running status.

Train running status

The Indian Train current running status is the information you will get about the train. It will include the arrival and departure time of the train. As well as you will get the information about location of train and how much time it might take to reach the given station. With Live Indian train running status, you will not have to wait for train at station or call anyone. You will only have to check the status and reach your boarding station at the right time to avoid delay.

How to check running status of train

The process of checking live Indian train running status is very simple. You will have to put the information about train code or train name in the given box. Select the option of Indian Train current running status and wait for the status to load. Within a few seconds all the information will be uploaded, and you will know where you train has reached and when you should be at the station to catch the train. It will allow you to save your time and you will never be late at the station.

How to cancel ticket

In case you are planning to cancel your ticket Rail Tkt is providing the facility as well. you should know that it is only possible when your train is running late by 3 hours or more. You can check the Live Indian train running status of the train and know if your train is cancelled or delayed. In case it is delayed you can easily file for the ticket cancellation. Cancel the ticket before train leaves your boarding station to get refund.

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