IRCTC PNR status Check

Indian Railway online PNR Status is a service offered by Indian govt to identify each Indian railway ticket uniquely. Indian railway PNR consists of 10 digits. The travelers can use this 10-digit PNR on and check the status of their tickets. To check the PNR status one can log onto this website and click on PNR Status on the website and enter the 10-digit PNR to check the ticket’s status.

The first 3 digits of the allotted Indian railway PNR denote the zone of the train with respect to the origin station of that train while the last 7 digits of the PNR are randomly generated.

In case ticket is in waiting list, your IRCTC PNR status would show up something like “WL/20/GN” however once confirmed you will be allotted the seat number which might show up in a format “CNF/A2/18/NC which actually means that your ticket against the allotted Indian Railway PNR has been confirmed and you have been allotted the berth 18 under A2 coach.

Apart from WL (PNR STATUS- Waiting List) your current PNR inquiry status may also show up like RAC /30/GN which means your ticket is in RAC and you will be required to share your seat with some other passenger however if luck supports you might even get a full seat post railway chart preparation.

When checking the Live PNR status on this website will give you information about your current PNR status and along with that you will also see train name, railway boarding point, railway reservation up to, date of ticket journey and the chart status. One can also check his/her online railway pnr status on You can also check your IRCTC PNR status live on

The PNR numbers are usually flushed when the journey is over and can be reused post nine month.

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